The Greenware products are components of the Greenware solutions! They act for smart monitoring of your operations and sustainable management of scarce resources to improve your financial & environmental performance.

In other words, industries can generate significant cost savings and reduce their environmental footprint simply by retrofitting our industrial smart modems, energy saving soft starters and fluorescent light controllers.

Energy metering & communication modules

When it comes to energy, the maxim “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” rings true. We offer energy metering solutions to continuously improve our customers visibility of their energy consumption and to give them the tools to drive down utility costs and manage their carbon emissions.

Energy Optimizing Soft Starters

Extend your motor life and reduce its electrical consumption by up to 30%

Greenware Ltd, distributor of Fairford Electronics products, offers Energy Optimising Soft Starters that reduce the excess torque at motor start-up and can save up to 45% of the energy consumed by a lightly loaded motor.

LED Lighting

Enjoy high quality light and energy savings up to 50% with our LED solutions! Greenware’s experienced and knowledgeable team can recommend you the best LEDs to match your lighting quality requirements and energy saving targets for your commercial and also industrial applications.

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