How Does It Work?
Smart monitoring             solutions for resources management

Our solution features the Greenware Smart Monitoring Box with intelligent sensors and microprocessors directly embedded in the communications modules that receives and transmits data to the Greenware Technologies Platform where it can be analyzed and acted on. Communication modules will send and receive information over wireless networks, using SMS, GPRS, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. Fixed-line communications based on Ethernet or PLC (Power Line Communication) are also used depending on your project characteristics.

Greenware Smart Monitoring Box

The Greenware Smart Monitoring Box is customized based on your specific requirements and may include various sensors, actuators, trackers and or cameras, industrial smart modems and/or back-end server.

Greenware Technologies® Platform

Greenware offers a web-based data management platform that allows one to set up and manage gateways and to remotely monitor and manage the assets that are attached to them. The platform is robust and can scale from a single station installation to a nation-wide installation of hundreds of stations.

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