Energy Optimizing Soft Starters
What does it do?

To help businesses reduce energy usage and the electrical and mechanical strain placed on applications, Greenware Ltd, distributor of Fairford Energy products, offers Energy Optimising Soft Starters that reduce the excess torque at motor start-up and can save up to 30% of the energy consumed by a lightly loaded motor.

The energy optimization soft starters can be integrated with the Greenware Technologies® Platform to take operational efficiency to the next step.

Today, electric motors consume 65% of all electricity used in industry worldwide with around 60% of these being fixed speed applications, and are a major focus for energy saving initiatives. Electric motors are very efficient at full load, but this efficiency falls away as the motors become lightly loaded (cf. Figure 1).

Figure 1
Typical efficiency vs. load curve for a 3-phase induction motor
How does it work?

Fairford’s energy optimizing system works by reducing the current and iron losses of a motor not running at full load. The energy savings will depend on a number of factors including the efficiency of the motor and the load.

Fairford soft starters use Thyristors as the control elements to vary the torque generated by the motor during the start during the running stage. This will also save businesses money by reducing the electrical and mechanical strain placed on applications – resulting in less “downtime” and maintenance cost on electrical circuits, gearboxes, belts and associated mechanical components.

What does it apply to?

Soft starters can be set up to the requirements of the individual application. In all systems, a soft start limits the inrush current and so improves stability of the power supply and reduces transient voltage drops that may affect other loads.

  • Pump applications: a soft start can avoid pressure surges.
  • Conveyor belt systems can be smoothly started, avoiding jerk and stress on drive components.
  • Fans or other systems with belt drives can be started slowly to avoid belt slipping.
  • Others: Agitators, air compressors, centrifuges, chillers, escalators, mixers etc.

Energy Saving Principle
  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • Reduced mechanical strain on gears and pulleys
  • Reduced break-downs
  • Reduced spikes in electrical demand during motor starts
  • Increased motor life

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